A little issue of procrastination

Procrastination is an understatement.  It has taken me a couple of months to get the courage together to write my first blog post.  I love the idea of having a blog – not because I am an accomplished writer and am looking for an outlet but rather because I am a connector.  It is what I do.

My blogging partner Elizabeth and our first and hopefully regular guest contributor Angela are fabulous writers.  My writing tends to be short and to the point; get from point A to point B and move on.

Sometimes you can spend too much time thinking and researching what it is you would like to write about.  The truth is, I am interested in a blog because I love to share information (lots of different kinds of stuff) with anyone and everyone I think might benefit from it.  If I worry too much about how I’m expressing myself or if my writing is eloquent enough, I may never get out of the starting blocks.  So, please accept it for what it is.  That is who I am and that is what I do.

I wanted to start by sharing with you a book entitled The Nine Modern Day Muses(and a Bodyguard)  10 Guides to Creative Inspiration for Artists, Poets, Lovers, and Other Mortals Wanting to Live A Dazzling Existence by Jill Badonsky.   One of the points that Jill makes in this book is that “we must give ourselves permission to go beyond our fears.  Some of us miss out on a life of creative joy because we subscribe to our fears.  We fear inadequacy…”

The author asked the question “How come such a process of joy brings up so many fears?  The answer could be because creativity is the ultimate growth process, fear is simply an affirmation that growth is happening.”

Okay, that means I’m growing!  This book is absolutely fabulous!  I borrowed the first edition (2003) from the library and have already ordered the latest (2010) from Amazon.  It’s a great read if you interested in this kind of stuff.

About two years ago, some of the gals from the Orangeville area formed a Creativity Group (I’m thinking we did come up with a better name but it escapes me at the present).  Over the last couple of years, the four of us have read and discussed books, worked through creativity exercises, attended artistic events and even organized a drumming session.  Our latest project (you guessed it) is to work through the above mentioned book.  Stay tuned to find out how we make out!

Thanks for listening,



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