What’s it all about?

Why have we started this blog?  And what are we going to talk about?

A few years ago, Laurie and I and two friends decided to study Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way together.  We worked through the book and met regularly to discuss each chapter.  Despite quibbles with different parts of the book from each of us, I think this experience impacted us all, at least a little bit.

As you may know, The Artist’s Way involves daily journaling.  This was something I never completely accomplished.  But I still felt at least two benefits of sporadic journaling:  writing of any kind became easier; and it was helpful when I was trying to make a decision, or to work through issues.  Something about putting things in writing helps to make them jell for me.  I notice this when I take notes at school:  the act of hand-writing seems to open a connection with my brain.  Crazy?

But, truth to tell, my journaling fell apart around the time we finished discussing the book.  Sometimes I crave it though, when I’m working through some thorny problem.  And, I think a blog presents another way of working on problems, with built-in accountability, and the possibility of connection with others.  Worth a shot.

As to what we’ll talk about, I think we’re not so sure.  We want to make it interesting reading for our friends, hopefully talking about things that our friends are thinking about.  For sure, we’re interested in creativity in all its satisfying forms:  artistic, domestic, entrepreneurial, personal.  As well, we’re women of a certain age, and we want to explore that from a wellness, fitness, hormonal-ups-and-downs perspective.  And pass on some links and book recommendations and other stuff that we hope you will find fun, useful, or diverting.

OK, so maybe we’re a little fuzzy on our purpose.  But we’re glad you stopped by, and hope you’ll check back regularly.  If you want to be notified by email whenever we put up a new post, scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you’ll see the option to subscribe.  Or just bookmark us, or add us to your feeds, or your blog reader.  (I use Google Reader to keep all my blog subscriptions in one place.  What do you use?)

Also, we’d love your feedback, so leave us a comment.  Most of all, we want this to be a conversation.  [Seriously, I’m not at all sure that I’ve set the comment feature up properly, so leaving a comment would be very helpful.]

Bye for now,



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