Living Life Authentically

It is a Sunday afternoon in April and I am watching the snow swirl around outside my office window.  I am one of those Canadians who loves the snow and loves the fact that we have four distinct seasons (at least most of the time).  I do dislike drastic weather changes so one day you can be wearing shorts and the next, winter coats and wool caps. Today, I am sitting at my computer with my heavy socks and wool ski vest cocooning like I’m in February not the middle of April.

The good news is that despite the winter like conditions outside my window, I am feeling energized; ready to make some changes and move into Spring.

I have started to work through The Nine Modern Day Muses. One of biggest challenges is that I do not view myself as a creative person.  I know that it has been said that everyone is creative; sometimes you need to dig deep, really really deep.

The author, Jill Badonsky, states that living life creatively doesn’t necessarily mean engaging in traditional creative pursuits like painting, writing or the like.  “On this journey, our creative passion refers to either our chosen artistic outlet or our desire to live our life artfully.  We want to live life authentically, being ourselves without effort, and using our predestined talents in whatever way makes sense to us as individuals.”

Okay so now the little light bulb switches on in my head and it all make sense to me.  Living life authentically has always been one of the governing principles in my life.  I take pride in being myself (until someone points out a quality that I had not always considered would apply to me and realize shortly thereafter that she was right) and surrounding myself with people who I admire because they are genuine.  Part of my creative journey is to take this authenticity (wanted to use the word “authenticness” here but couldn’t find it in the dictionary)  and some of my predestined talents (think I might have one or two left after my friends were honest with me) and apply them in my day to day existence.

In my first post, I shared with you that I am not a writer but a connector.  Being an active part of this blog is part of my creative journey.  I am also exploring other ways I can apply some of my “predestined talents” to give back to my community.  Stay tuned as I continue my journey and hopefully do some “connecting” along the way.



Connected, by Flickr user madmaxx


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