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The Royal Wedding has come and gone, Wills and Kate are happily married, and now it is time to get off the couch and get on with our creative work!  A lovely distraction indeed! In fact it was a perfect opportunity to explore creative approaches to celebrating a wedding from afar (I heard the breakfast celebration at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto was a sell out!) not to mention the creative approaches to hair adornment. The word FASCINATOR has now been added to our collective consciousness and vocabularies! What that tells me is that there are opportunities to live (and dress) creatively wherever we may be going. Like the fascinator, creativity comes in many forms and shapes and so does inspiration!

Fascinator by stephendl from flickr

Over the past week I have been thinking about inspiration and what it is that gets us off the couch and into creative gear.  Pablo Picasso said “Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working.”

In this virtual world we live in (if you are reading this you live there too!) there are many excellent sources of inspiration on line. One of my favorite is Robert Genn’s Twice- Weekly Letter with a basket of ideas and resources for artists.

I have discovered that if you have a question or are musing on something so are many other people who are happy to share their thoughts (thus the success of blogs and twitter).   Or if you want to be inspired by great artists, poets, athletes or thinkers, you can find them on line any time of the day or night. Although this may be surfing, it doesn’t get you off the couch!

People and their actions inspire us! This week I was truly inspired by a group of Toronto women who recently formed an organization called Art for Cancer Foundation, “Where heart connects with art.” Inspired by the vision of founder Cid Palacio and supported by a group of dedicated board members and volunteers, this organization provides a creative outlet for people living with cancer, while supporting research into the cause, control and cure of cancer.   The first workshop called “Creating from Within” is scheduled for May 9th at ART Works, 238 Jane St. Toronto and is offered for free to anyone living with cancer (including families and care providers).  No artistic skill or experience is necessary! If you or anyone you know might be interested please pass along this information.  Registration information and further details on the organization’s vision, upcoming workshops and volunteer opportunities can be found on the website  Stay tuned as this truly inspirational and creative impulse blossoms!

Inspiration is everywhere! I am inspired by people who are training for a marathon. I am inspired by people who start a business or a not for profit organization. I am inspired by the elderly who approach learning new skills with courage and bravado!  I am inspired by people who start a blog! I am inspired by cancer survivors who ride in the “Ride to Conquer Cancer”.  They all have one thing in common; they aren’t sitting on the couch!  Note to self: Get going!

photo by csh0420 from photobucket

Creatively yours, Angela

p.s. I’d love to hear what inspires you!


5 thoughts on “Creatively Yours: Inspiration

  1. Hi Angela,

    I’ve been soaking in the Arts this week as a volunteer at a local Arts Festival for students, featuring visual and performance art. This is very inspirational! Such happiness comes to those who indulge their artistic side (this from a spreadsheet lover).

    One of the performances that really stuck with me was a bucket-drumming group of junior/intermediate students. They were completely in rhythm with their leader, had memorized all their beats, and were entirely focussed on their music. This discipline and dedication inspired me to go home and do some practicing.


  2. Hi Elizabeth,
    It is wonderful to hear about the celebration of the arts in your community! I truly believe participating in the arts has a huge impact on our youth which ripples out into our communities and benefits the larger world. Drumming does sound inspiring! AND I am so amazed that when I clicked on the word Art Festival it took me directly to the Dufferin Youth Festival of the Arts. You are a blogging genius!!! I am inspired!!!

  3. Hello Angela,
    Many things inspire me.
    I am inspired by the changing vegetation on my walks on the Bruce Trail. Today we say our first trillium!
    I am inspired by the new and different noises of the forest as we move closer to summer.
    I am inspired by the desire of friends and family to take on new challenges and work through difficult times.
    I am also inspired by our ability to have more open and frank discussions than ever before and to talk about our dreams, fears and potential for growth.
    Now if I could also become inspired to organize my house!


      • Oops trilliums which last for such a short time in the spring. Nature is our source for much inspiration and fills our creative senses to the brim. Walking with you on the trails if only in spirit!

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