Exercise and Aging or Age IS a state of mind

La Jolla crossfit workout face!
Image by lululemon athletica from flickr

One area that I am truly passionate about is wellness.  Wellness can mean many different things to different people.  The Oxford Dictionary defines wellness as “the state of being well or in good health.”  Good health to me would mean healthy in mind, spirit and body.

It is incredibly difficult to constantly maintain a healthy lifestyle.  I was chatting with my friend Robin one day and expressed my disappointment that I was unable to do a small task (like take my vitamins with my dinner) when all it took was less than 5 minutes to complete.  Robin’s response was that this may be true but we have many many things in our lives that only take 5 minutes.  When you add them all together, it becomes overwhelming!

I guess the moral of the story is that you need to focus on where you get the most benefit (or bang for your buck).  I need to take a slight pause to get up onto my soap box.

In the May 2011 edition of Oprah Magazine (Live, Love & Thrive All the Way to 95!), Gretchen Reynolds points out that until recently, “most people – including scientists – were convinced that the biological indignities of aging were more or less inevitable.”  However, new research indicates that this is not so and the key to aging well is, you guessed it, movement!

Most important but perhaps harder to do is resistance exercise.

The latest issue of Nutrition Action Health Letter states that, “muscle keeps us strong and mobile.  It’s where most of our calories are burned, so having more muscle means burning more calories.  The only proven way to build muscle or to slow muscle loss as you age, is to do regular strength training.”

I once read that muscles know no age; only use and disuse.  If there is one 5 minute habit that you can add to your daily routine, try some resistance exercises!  Push ups anyone?


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