The Big Three to Keep You Strong and Healthy

Sunset Heel Click
Sunset Heel Click by Taaalia from flickr

All of us are pressed for time and we all want to know those exercises that give us the most benefit. The following exercises can be done in the comfort of your own home (although #3 does require minimum equipment). Click the links for more info about each exercise.  Here goes!

1. The absolute champion of exercise is the push up. Most women want to do what is often referred to as a women’s push up (from your knees). In my humble opinion, it is better to do men’s push ups (in other words a push up from your toes vs your knees) and only do what you can do using proper form.

2. Number two on the list is planks. Planks are great for developing core strength. To increase the strength in your arms and legs, it is first necessary to develop a strong core.

3. Okay, this one is a bit more difficult. Number 3 on the list is a pull up. Depending on your age or where you grew up, you may have been part of the Participation program. This program involved a series of tests that determine if you achieved a gold, silver or bronze standard. If you achieved the highest standard on all tests, you were awarded an Award of Excellence. I easily achieved the gold standard each year but never the Award of Excellence. The only thing between me and my award was, you guessed it, pull ups.
We do have a pull up bar in our home; my son has it in the doorway to his bedroom. He claims that he does chin ups or pull ups every time he walks through the doorway. That being said, I can’t say that I have seen him do them even though the bar has been in place for a number of years. So, consider putting a bar in the doorway. If you don’t use it for chin ups or pull ups, you could always use it to hang clothes.



2 thoughts on “The Big Three to Keep You Strong and Healthy

  1. You must be joking! Plank, pushups I can handle but forget the pull ups – most of the time I can’t even reach the bar let alone do the pull ups. There must be something else!!!

  2. Hi Betty,
    Never say never! If you are working out at a gym, you could always do an assisted pull up. More weight added on most machines means increased effort. The more weight you add on the assisted pull up, the easier it becomes.
    If you are looking for easier options with less equipment, I would suggest variations on the push up. Endless possibilites. Will cover this in my next post!

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