Creatively Yours: The Beauty of Aging

To colour or not? It seems that many women today (and some men) have fallen in love with hair colour.  Due to our aging population and a younger generation of high-lighted hair enthusiasts, hair stylists are kept busy with the artistry of hair color. Although I have stayed with a natural brown palette so far, it is possible that some day I will choose a shade of blonde or red, or maybe even grey!

I noticed when I was in Copenhagen last year that many women (much younger than me) have opted to let their stylishly cut hair go grey.  Are there actually more women in Europe letting their hair go grey? Or, was I just noticing it because I am a hair color junkie?  The other thing I noticed is their beautiful, colorful eye wear which seems to complement grey hair. I concluded that grey hair and glasses is actually a pretty cool look. But, beneath the surface of my superficial wonderings, lurks the question, “How do we embrace the beauty of our age?”

In our youth obsessed world, is it ok to look our age? Given the choice, should we take the opportunity to make ourselves look and feel younger and more beautiful?  We can now select from Botox to smooth our worry lines, fillers to plump our skin, body enhancements to give us the shape we always wanted, and last but not least hormones to retain our youthful vigor and sexuality.  Part of me says we should be confident enough to age naturally and embrace the beauty of aging. And the other part of me says, why not do what makes you look and feel good?   I trust by now that I have stumbled upon a sensitive issue and whichever side of the fence you or I choose, there will be a strong argument for the other.

But the wiser, more reflective part of me knows that our real beauty is inside and no amount of external fixing creates true beauty. The beauty of aging is that we have been given a lifetime of opportunities to grow and learn, create and discard, give and take, love and share with others the beauty of life. Perhaps the grey hair and wrinkles are only there to remind us of all that we have already enjoyed and encourage us to continue to live fully and passionately every day.  As my friend Linda reminds me, “Age is only a state of mind.”  But who says a little primping doesn’t go a long way? So for now I am sitting on the fence, wearing my hot pink glasses, coloring my hair brown and reading When I am an Old Woman, I Shall Wear Purple, a best-selling collection of stories and poems celebrating the beauty of living and growing old. (Edited by Sandra Haldeman Martz.)

Here’s a link to an article with tips for going grey stylishly. I would love to hear your perspective on the beauty of aging – naturally, or with a little help.

Have A Beautiful Day!

Creatively Yours,


image by pixelcrazy from flickr


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