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Just some unconnected short thoughts and links here.

Yogurt is the secret


image by Lynda Giddens, from flickr

Do you remember that old, old commercial that showed some very fit Scandinavian octogenarians who were asked the secret to their long life? One of them gave a toothless smile and credited his daily consumption of yogurt. This has stayed with me for a long time and today, the Globe and Mail has an article suggesting that eating around half a cup of yogurt each day can be beneficial for a woman’s heart. Take a look (don’t miss the comments for alternative viewpoints).

A book recommendation

I recently read Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffeneger, and really enjoyed it.  It’s a love/hate story, with an unusual take on the paranormal. There is a character with OCD who is very sympathetically portrayed. I was not keen on her previous book, The Time Traveler’s Wife, but found this one to be quite intriguing and multi-layered. It takes place in and near London’s Highgate Cemetery, a large tract of land within the city which was used for burials for a long time, then fell into financial trouble and was allowed to revert to near-wilderness, before being taken over by a charitable foundation run by a group of volunteers. It sounds as though some of the cemetery is still very overgrown and untamed, while other parts of it are maintained and of historical and architectural interest. If you’ve read the book, please let me know how you liked it.

A quick video

Here’s a link to a lovely video. (If you are receiving this post in an email, you might have to click on the post title at the top of the email to go to our blog in order to connect with the video.)

The postal disruption

Fingers Are Not Mail

image by panavatar, from flickr

Most of the press I’ve seen about the mail strike suggests that for many of us, Canada Post is largely unnecessary, due to our use of online communications and bill payment. Some articles suggest that small businesses are suffering the most. Julie pointed out the other day that the pundits aren’t considering how hard lack of mail delivery would be on those who don’t have, or don’t use the internet. I’d like to speak up for those of us who subscribe to magazines. It’s true that I’m temporarily enjoying the relief from the constant barrage of new reading material dropping through the mail slot.  But how will I ever catch up when the strike ends and they all arrive at once? (I suspect that the volume of mail to be delivered then will be so great that some of my mags will never make it to my door. And that bugs me, too.) How are you holding up?

One more thing, then I’ll stop talking

Here’s a blog post that opens a conversation about what women over 50 want to wear. The post is brief, the comments many. You might not be over 50, but that arbitrary age is not really the point of the conversation. It’s more about the development of personal style, and sense of self, as we age. Check it out, and then please come back and tell me what you think.

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3 thoughts on “News from abroad

  1. Nice to see the red and white Canada Post trucks on the streets if Toronto today. I almost stopped to greet every postman I saw today! We missed you! There is something nice about opening up my mail box to see if anything interesting has arrived!

  2. Hi Elizabeth,
    I just watched the robin video. It was very moving and beautiful! But it was sooo sad seeing the mother return to the empty nest with food in her mouth finding her offspring gone ….. it actually made me cry.
    Yes, I guess it is a parallel to our lives as parents!

    • Hi Angela,
      Yes, that was quite moving, wasn’t it? I wonder how the bird made sense of her empty nest. Those babies looked like hard work, though. I hope the parents had a worm feast that night, and a deep sleep.

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