How’ve you bean?


Hello everyone!

Three quick little thoughts (or partial-thoughts) inspired by some blog jumping I’ve been doing lately.

Spotting Fall Colours

Have you seen any yet? Now don’t groan, I’m not asking about whether you’ve seen any leaves changing colour. I’m wondering if you’ve been shopping for fall clothes and noticed any particular colours which are predominant. These are the colours predicted to be trendy this fall. Aren’t they beautiful? Have you seen any of them in the stores?

Armed and Dangerous

Yesterday, I was swimming in a sea of blogs I’d never read before, loosely on the subject of fashion for women slightly too old to shop at Forever 21 (OMG, there are a lot of these blogs where people photograph their daily outfits and list where they got the components! I felt like a voyeur sometimes.) I kept encountering a term I’d never heard before:  the arm party. What could it be? An acronym for a new political party (the Against Radiated Meat Party perhaps, or the Always Reading Mysteries Party)? Some sort of get together where you bring one and only one weapon? A flash mob at a tattoo parlour? Well, you will be either disappointed, or relieved to know what an arm party actually is. I think it’s pretty cool looking, and will be shortly throwing one of these parties myself. (Here’s possibly where the term originated.)

Picture This

See No Evil

image by robertpaulyoung, from flickr

Would you identify yourself as a visual learner? I think I fall into this category. I read a theory recently (in a amusing book on marketing, title forgotten) which suggested that we inadvertently give our preferred learning style away in conversation.  If we tend to use such phrases as “I see that ice cream is on sale this week.” or “I noticed that there’s no Heavenly Hash left.” or “Keep an eye on the Tiger Tiger while I go get a cart.” then we might be a visual type. Whereas, if we say stuff like “I heard Elizabeth is throwing an arm party on Friday.” or “That sounds like the sort of crazy thing she would do.” or “Listen, I’m just glad she’s reading all those blogs so that I don’t have to.”  then we might fall into the auditory learner category. Finally, there’s the kinesthetic learner, who might say such things as “I feel that this paragraph is going on too long.” or “I’m moved to think I might be a kinesthetic learner.” or even “This entire blog post stretches my credulity.”

The reason I ask if you’re a visual learner is because I came upon a newish social networking site which would be lots of fun for those who think in pictures. But before I can give it the once-over, I have to join either Facebook or Twitter (which to me is like choosing between lima beans and beets). So give me a few days to see my way to a solution, and I’ll give you the complete picture on this new service in my next post.

Sometimes I exhaust myself,



1 thought on “How’ve you bean?

  1. Hi Elizabeth,
    Thanks for the insights into what to wear this fall. Armed with that information perhaps I will expand beyond my basic black wardrobe, maybe even get some arm wear!
    And no I haven’t seen any fall colours yet. I’m still sporting my summer whites and pink!
    21 forever in my mind!

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