Summer Pleasures

Hi All,

Laurie, Angela and I have been reflecting on the events and experiences of the summer of 2011, and have each chosen three elements that made us happy.

Here’s Laurie‘s take (which she wrote the last week of August):

Reflections on A Summer Gone By

Although we are still in the month of August and the thermometer reads just below 20 degrees Celsius, there is no question that Fall is in the air.

Elizabeth and I were reflecting on the summer as we made our way along our weekly Island Lake Trail Walk.  More people than usual were on the trail and all seemed in good spirits.  The skies were somewhat overcast and the temperature was cooler than it had been.  It seems to me that people were starting to gear up for Fall.

Normally in the latter part of August, I would be listing all those “things” I wanted to accomplish come September.  For some reason, this was not happening this year.  I guess this can be interpreted one of two ways. Either I am completely unmotivated or I am just content with the way life is moving along and I am not in a hurry to structure into Fall.

During our morning discussion, Elizabeth asked what the three best things that happened this summer were.  I thought about her question for a moment and then decided I would interpret the question to mean what are the best three things about summer?  Here are my top three:

  1. Sitting by the pond drinking a nice strong cup of coffee in the morning after a hike in the woods.
  2. Listening to the sounds of the forest at night.
  3. Hanging out clothes on my clothes line (if you have never done this, you are really missing out).
Old Fashioned Clothesline

Old Fashioned Clothesline by D Sharon Pruitt on flickr

Angela had this to say:

My 3 high points this summer were:

1. Spending a week alone at the cottage with my dog Jessie, swimming, kayaking and painting.

2. Star gazing from my boat house roof.

3. Watching my son hit two grand slams in one baseball game!

And if I might add one more it would be the fantastic weather!

There you have it in a nutshell!

And for me, I would list these 3 discoveries of summer 2011:

1.  Buying a half share of the vegetable bounty from a local farm  This is the first time we’ve participated in Community Supported Agriculture  It’s pretty convenient:  once a week, we pick up our share of the week’s crop from the farm’s stand at the farmers’ market.  It’s great that this is organic food, which comes in unusual colours (see the photo of the beans from a few weeks ago), and is grown on a horse-powered farm.  I think it’s especially good for us, because we’ve been in a vegetable rut, always buying the same things.  Every week this summer has presented me with unfamiliar veggies like kale, nappa cabbage, fennel, and my new favourite vegetable:  garlic scapes (which had me imitating the cartoon dog who floats up in the air when he eats something delicious).

The challenge has been that our kitchen currently looks like this:
Kitchen Sept. 5, 2011
We are operating without an oven, or kitchen sink, so vegetable prep and cooking is not as much fun as it could be.  But the lure of fresh food keeps us going.

2.  Quickie vacations:  Due to our kitchen reno, we’ve stayed close to home this summer.  But I’ve had a few brief occasions to travel:  twice to Québec City, to Sauble Beach, and for a kayaking adventure near Wiarton.  I tend to love to stay at home and putter, and often talk myself out of the effort necessary for a short trip.  So, it has been a surprise to realize how refreshing it can be to leave home for short periods (with my trusty pillow), and see some beautiful places.

Wiarton Harbour

3.  Summer reading.  OK, this is not a new discovery for me.  But, since I’ve been in school for the past three summers, I haven’t had the time or attention span to do much pleasure reading.  Trying to make up for that this year!

So, how about you?  It would be cool to hear from you about your summer high points, too.

That’s all for now,


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