In praise of underthinking

Hi Gang,

I’ve concluded that I’m overthinking about the posts I’m writing here, which is why they’re getting less frequent… Not that my posts are particularly profound, but I do like to think them through rather more than they’re really worth.  So today, I’m going in the opposite direction:  underthinking.  After all, if we were just having a conversation together over caffeine, I wouldn’t feel the need to research my answers and provide multiple viewpoints on every issue, would I?  Yes, I would, but I would resist that need.

One of the easiest topics for me to underthink about (besides the evils of grocery store layouts) is pop culture.  I quite like it, especially tv-based pop culture.  Since we have no kitchen or dining room available right now, and it’s too cold to eat outside, I’ve been spending a lot of time watching tv and movies.  And most of it is pretty bad (here I refer to Love It or List It as an easy example).  But I’ve seen a few good things lately from my comfy couch.

Recently out on dvd is the movie Hanna (here’s the official webpage – click past that annoying button and then check out the hypnotic trailer).  This movie is about a young girl raised in isolation by her father, and taught to defend herself against any form of attack.  She decides she’s ready to face whatever trouble her dad has been hiding her from, and he lets her loose in the world.  They arrange to meet up in a few weeks, and the movie details the adventure she has travelling from home, to Morocco, and north to Berlin.

It’s pretty fast paced, somewhat violent, and visually very interesting.  The acting is very good, especially the young heroine Hanna, played by Saoirise Ronan.  Cate Blanchett was perhaps the weakest link, but I say that because I dislike fake accents, and hers was a doozy.

The film locations are fantastic: ranging from Hanna’s snow-covered hut (with loft) in the wilderness, to the desert, stopping off at a vast container parking lot, and onward to an abandoned theme park.  Lots to look at.  My favourite visual treat was some wonderful green shoes, worn by Cate.  I couldn’t resist a little research, which informed me that these were Prada shoes, especially made for her character.  They look a little like these ones, but in green suede.  Evidently, they’re exactly right for running, chasing, and dodging on uneven ground.

Very Very Green

Speaking of green shoes, these do not resemble whatsoever the shoes in the movie. Photo by Miss Millificent, from flickr

I saw something funny today.  This will amuse you if you are a fan of the BBC miniseries Downton Abbey, which was shown on PBS last winter (here’s their webpage).  Downton Abbey is a period drama, set in a large English manor in the 1920’s.  It’s all about class, and power, and keeping Maggie Smith employed.  Love it.  Although it does move a little fast, it’s always nice to look at.  Anyway, here’s a parody which you may enjoy.

OK, that’s all the underthinking I can manage, for now.



2 thoughts on “In praise of underthinking

  1. A great post Elizabeth! Even when you don’t think too much it is clear you are a thinker! Now about those green shoes, I think I need a pair for my upcoming trip to Sedona.
    🙂 Angela

    • Thanks Angela,
      Realized later that I had forgotten to include any links to professional reviews of the movie, so I guess I’m getting the hang of this underthinking habit…
      I completely endorse the idea of green footwear, and if you think you might have to do some dodging or chasing while you’re away, these shoes certainly seem to be up to the task.

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