Robin Hood meets Cruella de Vil (minus the fur)

Elizabeth’s last post, which included a smart pair of green shoes, inspired me to share with you a rather impulsive purchase.  I am not an impulsive shopper by nature.  In fact, I rarely buy items that are not on sale.  I think I tend to purchase items on sale because they are easier to justify.  The best way to justify your purchases (especially to your significant other) is to communicate in shopping speak (just thought of the term, kind of catchy, eh?).

In other words, you should refer to your purchases not by how much you spent but by how much you saved.

Another strategy I often use with the significant other when asked about a certain piece of clothing that I am wearing:  Oh this, I bought this last year at the end of the season on sale.  Don’t you remember?!?

I now follow the philosophy if you love it, buy it.  You are worth it (although I didn’t buy that frilly polka dot bathing suit in Florida:  would I ever wear it?…$150 for how much material!).

This brings me to my current dilemma.  About one month ago, I purchased a pair of knee high dark green (forest green) suede boots, pictured below.  I love them!  I paid full price (which I will not share with you just in case in gets back to the significant other) and I have absolutely no idea what to wear them with!

Photo courtesy of Shoe Kat Shoo

This brings me to the main topic of my post.  How do you figure out what to wear and how best to bring it all together.

I must admit that Elizabeth has graciously shared a number of helpful websites on figuring out your body type and how to put your outfits together.

One of the first websites/blogs that Elizabeth suggested is You Look Fab run by fashion stylist Angie, from Seattle.

Some of her most helpful blog posts refer to how to identify your body type and how to dress to flatter that type (link goes to a listing of posts on that topic).

The other blog The Vivienne Files shares ideas on how to create and accessorize a wardrobe.  I know I have too many clothes in my wardrobe.  Some I have had for many many years but for some reason, just can’t part with them.  I tend to wear the same things with the same other things over and over again.   Perhaps we can get together as a group and work on sorting out our current wardrobe and figuring out where to go from here.  What do you think?

In the interim, I will admire my green Robin Hood boots and hope that I will be inspired to create an outfit to wear them with.  Any ideas?



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