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photo by craftapalooza, from Flickr

A couple of months ago I mentioned a newish website which offers some excitement for those who are visually-oriented.  This is the service called Pinterest.  The site likens itself to a bulletin board where you pin images that interest you.  So you can get an account with Pinterest and start collecting images you find on the web, rather like clipping photos from magazines and putting them on a design board.  You can take a look at other peoples’ boards and add anything that appeals to you there, to your own board.  I’ve found it useful while doing the planning for our new kitchen. And I’ve discovered tons of craft ideas.  Here’s a link to my paltry collection of crafty images.

There is a social networking aspect to the site.  All boards are public, and anyone can comment on a pin, which can lead to some bad behavior, as well as the sharing of useful information.  There is a huge amount of repinning, which leaves a fascinating trail.  In order to sign up, you must have a Twitter or Facebook account, so you know this is about gathering and selling information about users, to advertisers.

You might wonder about copyright on all these freely shared images.  Pinterest takes a pinner-friendly approach to this, offering to remove any images that violate copyright, once the rights holder contacts them.  The web source from which the original pinner grabbed the image is credited on each pin.

Although I joke that this site will particularly appeal to visual learners, it has much wider application.  Leave yourself some time to check it out, as it’s quite mesmerizing.  Let us know what you think…

Bye for now,


Kitchen Inspiration Board for the Nest

A kitchen idea board made the old-fashioned way, by http://www.simplythenest.com, from Flickr


3 thoughts on “Looky here

  1. Hi Elizabeth
    What a cool website! I will definitely use it! Have you actually made any of those crafts? By the way I like your idea board for your kitchen design. I hope you incorporated some of the ideas into your new kitchen. I particularly like the use of red! Angela

    • Hi Angela,
      I should clarify that the kitchen idea board up above is not mine. I like it, though, esp. the red aspect.
      I am going through some sort of a craft mania right now, and have made several of the ones on my Craft board on Pinterest (thereby justifying the hours I spend on the site). Hope you enjoy it, too!

      • Hello Elizabeth,
        Love the site. I have signed up and now I need to start my idea boards. Love your craft board. Do you have others?

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