Confessions of a Tarot Card Reader Wannabe

Psychic World

Psychic World in Las Vegas, by roadsidepictures, from Flickr

One of my activities on my “to do” list while visiting Sedona was to have some kind of psychic reading.  We had passed a number of centres that offered various types of what I will call psychic experiences.  Once we decided which centre we connected with, we went in to see what was available.   The receptionist indicated which “psychics” were available (not sure that was the term she used and it probably isn’t the correct one) and that our choice of reader should be based on an energy connection.

After making my choice (think I based it on the photo of the individual who I thought most looked like she had psychic powers), I was introduced to “the reader.”   We headed outside the building to an old run down trailer around the back.

Apparently, there are two types of tarot card readings.  Question readings involve addressing a specific question the seeker may have.  The second type of reading is known as an open reading and would address larger aspects of your life.  Given that I wasn’t really looking for a tarot card reading per se, I didn’t really have a specific question I wanted to have addressed so I opted for an open reading.

In a traditional tarot card reading, you have a seeker (the individual who is looking for answers and/or guidance) and the reader (someone who knows how to interpret the cards).  The seeker shuffles the deck and hands the deck back to the reader who lays the cards out in a pattern called a spread.  Each position in the spread has meaning and each card has meaning.

Although I was initially sceptical about the whole process, I was intrigued by some of the information the reader shared with me.  (Okay can’t go into too much detail here but how did she know I followed Chinese medicine?)

For some strange reason, I am interested in finding out more about tarot cards. What I have learned is that one of the differences between a psychic and a tarot card reader is that a psychic often channels spirits whereas a tarot card reader can interpret what is happening in your life and provide guidance on what to do about it.

0 The Fool

image by n0cturbulous, from Flickr

According to The Hermetic Order of Golden Dawn, “the most powerful sources of information come from within, the Tarot aids in coming in contact with one’s higher self.”  In Confessions of a Tarot Reader, Practical Advice from This Realm and Beyond, Jane Stern writes that “the tarot deck is the best method for seeking answers from beyond our limited realm of thought.” Basically, tarot cards are a way of exploring our unconscious by revealing hidden truths and are a powerful tool for both personal growth and insight.  A number of practitioners compared tarot card readings to techniques like psychotherapy and meditation.

It doesn’t really require a special gift to read tarot cards.  However, it is important that you choose a deck that you feel comfortable with and inspires.

I happened to pick up a tarot card deck at the Weekend in the Woods event at Hockley Resort a number of weeks ago.  I haven’t given the deck a second glance but now plan to learn more about the tarot readings and about myself.

Who knows, I may be a famous tarot card reader one day.  Stay tuned!


take a crack at this, please.

image by mrs_eyepatch, from Flickr


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