Making and doing

Hi Everyone,

I follow quite a few blogs which are about garment sewing as a hobby.  These are generally by women who are interested in creating their own wardrobes, sewn to fit properly and to complement their hair, complexion, and sense of style.  So they’ve thought a lot about what suits them, and what they need in their closets.  Turns out there is a wealth of info out there to help us understand how to build a wardrobe, whether we sew our clothing, or we buy it.

One of the blogs I read is by a New York City sewing pattern designer, Liesl.  Her company, called Lisette, creates patterns and fabrics for women and children.  Recently she posted about the fashion blogs she follows.  Here is her list.  Note she includes a blog I’ve mentioned to you before:  Advanced Style.  Check it out, it will make you happy.

Speaking of happiness, our creativity group got together the other day to make Christmas wreaths (the idea came from a pin on Pinterest, connected to this blog post).  Three out of four were completed in around two hours.  I didn’t get mine finished, but hope I will soon.  Feast your eyes on these three finished products:

Julie's wreath
Laurie's wreath
Dana's wreath

The use of non-breakable balls with attached top pieces (those eyes through which the string is attached) made these pretty breezy to make.  I especially like how each wreath speaks about the home decor of its maker.

Later this past week, Julie showed me the bows she made out of magazine pages.  She found this craft through Pinterest, as well (here’s a link to the original blog post with instructions).  Here’s a photo of Julie’s bows, snapped on top of her trumpet case.  Of course, I went straight home and made a bow myself.  Paper, scissors and glue:  I’ll never get over you.

Julie's magazine page bows

So ladies and gents, what have your own busy hands been up to lately?

Bye for now,


P.S. Go back to this blog post if you’re wondering about this Pinterest thing.


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