Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything!

Pine cone ornament
It’s that time of year again; shopping, wrapping, eating, drinking (responsibly), partying, scurrying about and relaxing in front of the fire. The Christmas and holiday season is upon us again!  And as you are likely too busy to read anything lengthy and philosophical (I’ll save that for New Years), I thought I would start a list of gift ideas for the person who has everything. Here are 12 ideas to get you started, and out of the malls.

  1. A book – easy to order on line. The Gift of Nothing by Patrick McDonnell is a little book I recommend which reminds us that friendship is a gift in and of itself.
  2. A Christmas Tree Ornament- simple! It marks the passage of time and tests our memory of who gave it to us.  It becomes especially meaningful when that person is no longer here.
  3. A bag of homemade goodies along with the recipe – a gift that lasts for generations!
  4. Soothing bath salts and creams – always nice to have!
  5. A Christmas card with a picture of family and friends – something to put into our empty photo albums, now that all are pictures are digital (you can order them on line).
  6. Anything handmade – made by the giver.
  7. A  hand written note or letter – a lost art.
  8. A CD – Michael Buble’s Christmas Album is awesome!
  9. Tickets to the movies or theatre from the person you are going to go with – a win-win!
  10.  Coupons for breakfast in bed, vacuuming the house, taking the garbage out, walking the dog…the possibilities are endless.
  11. A new or old, favorite game – brings family and friends together.
  12. A re-gift gift. Something totally useless that has clearly been passed around a few times. HoHoHo! The gift that keeps on giving!

So, if you haven’t found the perfect gift for the person who has everything on my list, I invite you to add your own gift suggestions to the list in the comments section!

Hold the wrapping paper, and let’s have a green Christmas!

Creatively yours,

Short Bread - Mom's


6 thoughts on “Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything!

  1. Hi Ange

    Great ideas. Especially at this time in the season when the clock starts ticking and ideas start running low. here’s another one we’ve used in the past that is great for friends or family a gift certificate for one night of baby sitting or child sitting
    duties so that a couple can go out on a date…

    • Hi Fred,
      What a nice gift that would be to receive especially for parents of young children! A great idea to add to the list. That makes 13!

  2. Hi Elizabeth
    I did check out the website and it is great! I love their tag line…”On living a stylish, adventurous, balanced, delicious life after 50″. Heh that’s the life I want! And sometimes that’s the life I have!
    thanks for the link!

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