Creatively Yours: Before the clock strikes 12!

shirley temple new year 1937

image by carbonated, from flickr

The count down is on – three more days and the New Year will be here!  I don’t know about you, but I for one don’t spend much time thinking about New Year’s resolutions. I might pick one thing I want to focus on and in 2011 it was happiness! I started the year off by reading Gretchen Rubin’s book The Happiness Project and made myself a promise to “work” at being happier. According to Gretchen there are things we can do to create more happiness in our lives. I tried some of her suggestions but then decided that I would find my own path to happiness. As the year passed I found myself more aware of what created happiness in my life. A few key things that I am certain increased my happiness quotient this year are:

Peace in my relationships with my husband, children, family and friends. It takes work but it pays dividends!

Getting off the couch and getting regular exercise – walking is my new sport of choice!

Getting involved with a cause I believe in – Art for Cancer

Making art! Any day is a good day when I create something!

Spending time alone, or in the company of my dog Jessie.

Saying yes to new challenges like biking, hiking and riding horses even when my mind and body agree: “this is going to hurt afterwards.”

Writing for this blog!  I could never have guessed that I would enjoy writing as a creative outlet!

Writing letters to my children!  See my October 24, 2011 blog post Letters from my Mother for why you might want to consider doing this.

Rediscovering meditation – the ultimate gateway to happiness!

So rather than thinking about resolutions for 2012, I will ring in the New Year enjoying the happiness that I have right now. And that I believe creates more happiness than losing 10 pounds!

Wishing you all a healthy and happy New Year!

Creatively yours,


p.s. if  you want to know the one thing I will focus on for 2012, you will have to read about it in January!


4 thoughts on “Creatively Yours: Before the clock strikes 12!

    • Thanks Jackie! Happy New Year to you and your family and thanks for leaving a reply – it helps me to know someone is reading this!

  1. Happy New Year my dear friend Angela,

    I love your blog and your blogging. As I approach 2012 I love being reminded about the many ways to happiness and our power to choose our own road to happiness. It seems to me that when I decide to move in the direction of happiness, happiness is always there waiting for me. It rises up on the road to meet me as it were.

    You’ve asked me to respond to your blogs before and i have always declined.. In my heart I have to admit I felt intimidated. Who will be reading my thoughts? What if I can’t convey my feelings? Will someone think what I have to say is stupid? Can you hear what may be lurking underneath my fear? What if I don’t do it right? What if I’m not good enough?

    Well here’s my beginning to 2012. I’m responding to your blog. I’m staring into the face of fear and I’m doing it anyway. I’m doing it for us. Because together we can do anything!

    Your blogs inspire me and remind me what a gift your friendship is. Letting my fear prevent me from showing up on my dearest friend’s blog is not how I want to show my support for you my friend. So here I am choosing courage over fear and love over self doubt. This feels like happiness. My heart is bursting with joy for us!

    With Love

    • Happy New Year dearest friend! I can relate to everything you have said about fear and how it holds us back. I am so happy you have chosen courage over fear and love over self doubt! Moving into 2012 that sounds like a wonderful path to take! Thank you for showing up on our blog! I hope you will regularly provide your thoughts and insights as I know you are a deep thinker and talented writer. Friendship is one of the greatest contributor’s to happiness so as one of my oldest and dearest friends, thank you for many happy memories and many more good times to come! 2012 here we come!
      With love, Angela

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