We are two friends who met on a school field trip when our daughters were in grade two.  We started walking regularly on the Bruce Trail, as a way to get fresh air, exercise, and stay connected with each other.  Our little girls are now in university, and we’ve put a lot of miles on our hiking shoes.  We’ve discussed our daily challenges, identity crises, dinner menus, creative projects, world politics, and everything in between, at least once.

Over the years, we’ve often been joined on our walks by our friends.  But it’s not always easy for all of us to get together on the trail.  So this blog represents a way to keep the conversation going with friends near and far.  Circles widen and life brings changes, but we can still connect with each other and share.  We hope our friends will contribute their wisdom and insight so we can all grow together.

A very lucky thing happened early on with the blog, when Laurie’s friend Angela agreed to write some posts on the general theme of creativity. Here’s Angela to tell you about herself:

In 2011 when the blog was launched, Laurie and Elizabeth invited me to
contribute as a guest writer. My name is Angela and I write under the
heading of Creatively Yours. I live in Toronto and have four adult children who are slowly needing me less and less and so I now fill my days with creativity, learning, adventure and giving back. I have always loved the visual arts but recently discovered that I also enjoy writing. Thanks to Laurie and Elizabeth for encouraging me to explore writing as a form of creativity and expression.

So, now we are three! Thanks to our friends who are reading what we write, and commenting when they can. We love to hear from you.

Laurie, Elizabeth and Angela

If you want to get in touch with us, use the Contact Form here.

The image at the top of our blog is by Flickr user AlbertNL.


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Congrats ladies!!! I hope to share in your wisdom in the upcoming blogs! The hat is over the wall as they say.. BRAVO

    • Hey Marnie,
      Thanks for the feedback. Could you share some of your painting/photography with us on the blog.
      Hope the Easter bunny is good to you. Happy hunting!

    • Hi Deb
      I agree. Fear is all about perception. Our reactions and interpretations of actions are a reflection of where our own sense of self/purpose seems to be at that given time. Let’s hope we are having a good day!

    • Hi Dianne,
      Love it! It seems that when we do finally decide to take action we arrive at the other side and wonder what was the big deal….now if I only could apply this to some of the chores that I have been avoiding for sooooooo

  2. What a wonderful site. You are “bookmarked”! Thank you Laurie and Elizabeth for giving us a forum to share and connect. I look forward to contributing, and following your blog. Here is something that was recently brought to my attention, and certainly rings true….

    “One of the best things that a man could do for his health is to be married to a woman, whereas for a woman, one of the best things she could do for her health was to nurture her relationships with her girlfriends. “Girlfriend time” helps us to create more serotonin – a neurotransmitter that helps combat depression and can create a general feeling of well being.

    We share from our souls with our sisters/mothers, and evidently that is very good for our health. Spending time with a friend is just as important to our general health as jogging or working out at a gym.

    Failure to create and maintain quality personal relationships with other humans is as dangerous to our physical health as smoking!”

    Thank you again for keeping us all connected…

  3. Hi Gillian,
    You are so right! Even though spending time with girlfriends is so important for good health, it is often the first thing that is sacrificed when one gets busy. Hopefully our blog will allow us to share and keep in touch when we can’t always do so in person.
    Looking forward to your contribution!

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